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CBD Free Shipping Info
CBD Free Shipping Info

What to Look for When it Comes to Free Shipping for your CBD Oil

If you order CBD oil, chances are you usually order it online. That is because some of the best companies sell their CBD oil online, and it is now so easy to order it from them.

That being said, if you are not careful, you can end up paying quite high charges to ship your CBD oil to you. Some companies do offer free shipping but, before you take advantage of that, do be sure to check out these few things.

Look closely at the cost of the CBD oil -- When it comes to free shipping, some buyers of CBD oil simply buy the product because the shipping does not cost them anything.

Before you place an order, however, you should look at a number of companies and be sure to calculate the actual cost of the CBD oil itself on a site that also charges for shipping, compared to a site that has a CBD oil cost but offers cbd free shipping.

This is because, even though a company states 'free shipping', sometimes the cost of that is actually added onto the price of the CBD oil, and it works out to be more expensive.

Check out free shipping requirements -- Make sure you understand the requirements to be able to get free shipping before you place your order.

Some companies only offer free shipping if you order a large amount of CBD oil, while others have hidden fees that might as well be the cost of the shipping.

Check everything before you place your order, so you do not end up being cheated.

Placing bulk orders -- If you use CBD oil frequently, it may be worth your while placing a bulk order as, in many cases, you have a higher chance of getting free shipping that way.